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First Be the One Mentor Honored at Ready to Shuffle Event

Mary Pat McLain, current Chair of the Ready for Life (RFL) Board of Directors was one of the first mentors ever in Ready for Life's Be the One mentor program.

Her dedication to her mentee Ashley and to the mentor program have been life changing. We were excited to have an opportunity to honor Mary Pat at our recent Ready to Shuffle event on September 21st.

Many years ago, RFL conducted a poll with those whom we serve and asked, “If there was one thing we are not yet providing, what would you want?” The answer came back unanimously. The young adults we surveyed told us that they wanted “One person who cared who cares that they are alive.” And thus, our mentor program began.

"I feel very privileged that Ready for Life chose to honor me," Mary Pat said. "I believe that those of us who chose to mentor do it as much for ourselves as those who we serve. In my case, I have mentored Ashley for over 10 years and we have grown together. I believe that she helps me as much as I do her. Mentoring isn’t always easy but, in the end, it is a very rewarding experience, and we want all RFL mentors to know that they are cherished for what they give of themselves to the young adults we serve."

Special thank you to Mary Pat and to the many RFL mentors who have helped their mentees find a sense of belonging in the world by becoming their "one person who cares." Be the One mentors have made a world of a difference for the 100+ mentee matches in the program.

To learn more about becoming a mentor for former foster care youth, please contact Maria Jansson, Director of Impact and Engagement, at or visit

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