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You are invited to join our monthly giving program, the Ready for Tomorrow Heroes Society,

and become a Hero, changing lives every single month!


Members pledge a monthly gift, making sustainable impact by investing in RFL programs, initiatives, and growth. Spreading your gift out throughout the year makes it easier for everyone to be Ready for the unexpected Tomorrows.


Food, clothing, personal supplies, showers, laundry, and lockers for safe keeping


Mental health counseling, physical & dental wellness, legal assistance, and more, all under the RFL roof


Eliminate housing, education, employment, and transportation issues that stand in the path of success


Mentor match, Ready for Jobs, Ready for Health, Opportunity Passport, & more, that prepare for steps along the journey

How your monthly donation impacts Ready for Life youth: (click to donate)


Jim Ames

Geoff Anderson

Edwin and Shannon Bailey

Yvette Bean

Kenneth Beattie

Rita Becchetti

Beth Becknell

Thomas Bedway

Caroline Brown

Kathryn Brown

Kenny Brown

Vernon Bryant

Kathy Burke

Susan Burnore

Sally Caltabiano

Wayne and Cynthia Chase

Scott Clendening

Anne Condor

Christina Cowell Mayers

Bragg Crane

Jill Crawford

Susan Doll

Barbara Donohue

Cindy Drake

Michael Forster

Gina Gallo

James Gillespie

Gregory Glenn

Billy Graham

Margaret Grant

Bonnie Hacker

Bonnie Hall

Sondra Hannan

Awilda Harrington

Cristin Hernandez

Melissa Hill

Don Howe

Kelly Kifer

David Kline

Joe Lettelleir

Fred and Monika Macfawn

Lisa Marone

Jack Martin

Robert McJennett

Mary Pat McLain

John Miller

Kelly Mione

Bruce and Jeni Mitchell

Kathy Mize

Kelsey Mize

Chris Moench

Rachel Nohlgren

Tracy O`Connor

Alison and Skip Payne

Denise Perrelli

Norm Perry

Kevin and Susann Price

Jim Reese

Lorrie Reed

Jim and Diane Reese

Kelly Reynolds

John Rominger

Cori Ryniker

Pamela Schumacher

George Sherman

Natalie Simon-Joens

Kristin Stanziale

Carol Steckel

Patsy Stills

Sara Stonecipher

William Stover

Catherine Valentine

Karen van de Putte

Michelle Walag

William Walker

Teresa Williams

Jeff Wilson

James Wurdeman

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