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Ready for Life can't serve former foster youth alone and it is our connection to the community that strengthens all of the work we do.  Whether we are educating the community about foster care challenges, building relationships with community partners or getting the community directly involved with the youth, you are the piece of the puzzle that we need.




Be the One, our life-changing mentoring program, is designed to help create a sense of belonging for our youth. We encourage mentors to share their knowledge, specialties, and caring hearts. Mentors are incredibly important for our youth that have aged out of foster care.

Mentors tell us every day how fulfilling it is to be alongside their resilient mentees. Building a Mentor/Mentee relationship takes a little time as the young adults we serve overcome their experiences with abandonment in childhood, and it’s worth the investment. Having a mentor makes a tremendous difference in the lives of these young adults.


Imagine having someone to turn to for the first time in your life? Imagine going through life without someone to celebrate successes and help brainstorm solutions when things get challenging. It’s easier than you may think to line up beside your RFL Mentee. Mentors are often surprised that it takes as little as an hour a week to have this kind of life-changing impact, but it’s true. We see it time and time again.


Mentor Spotlights



Dwight is a great young man who has so many hopes and dreams...I am so lucky to be Dwight’s mentor. I hope we have a forever relationship.



Compassion, caring, empathy, understanding, support, love and generosity all made the list to describe this ongoing wonderful experience.



Well it turns out that [Ready for Life] is the world’s best mentor/mentee matcher ever because my mentee and I are perfect together.

become a tutor or coach

Tutor or Coach

Our youth have big goals for their futures, including getting a quality education, choosing a career path, and planning financially. Our unique Educational Learning Lab offers youth a place to study for the GED, get help from a tutor, complete school work, and apply to jobs. We also offer a number of career exploration, job preparation, and financial literacy programs, such as Ready for Work and Opportunity Passport.


Help our young adults get closer to graduation, prepare for the workforce, or learn how to become financially independent, by becoming a tutor or coach today!



There is a place for everyone at Ready for Life!  We do all the things with our RFL family that we do with our own families. If you like to cook or bake, help with homework, play board games, or even if you just like to hang out, you are a perfect volunteer at RFL.

We have a number of events, virtually and in person, throughout the year that we always need volunteers to help run smoothly. Whatever your skillset or however much or little time you have to give, there is a way to help at Ready for Life!


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