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Overcoming Life's Hurdles

In his own words, Darrien's journey from homeless to hopeful, with Ready for Life by his side.

"Hello, I'm Darrien. Currently, I'm facing numerous challenges in life, including financial struggles, being unable to continue college due to lack of funds, and experiencing homelessness. Despite reaching out to many organizations for assistance, I was met with repeated rejections. However, when I reached out to Ready for Life, they responded promptly and took my situation seriously. They provided essential support, addressing my fears, worries, and hunger, and helped me stabilize temporarily so I could focus on achieving long-term stability.


Ready for Life offered an online course called Life Skills Reimagined, which equipped me with knowledge about navigating adulthood and essential life skills. Upon completion, I even received a $150 gift card, which not only provided me with food but also uplifted my spirits.


Additionally, Ready for Life didn't just offer guidance for my journey ahead; they also connected me with a compassionate mentor named Sandy Hoglund. Sandy helped me overcome self-doubt and navigate through challenging times, empowering me to advocate for myself. Despite my previous successes in college track and field, achieving records and recognition, I found myself facing homelessness and feeling discouraged when I could no longer afford school.


Despite my setbacks, Ready for Life provided invaluable support, lifting me up during one of the darkest times in my life. They reminded me that I wasn't alone and restored my hope in humanity. It's crucial to acknowledge that while some individuals, like former foster youth in Florida, may have access to resources like College Tuition Waivers until the age of 28, others may not be eligible due to various reasons. Ready for Life stands alongside those who may not qualify for such benefits, offering support to stabilize their lives and keep their education on track.”

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