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Emergency Needs

Stocked with donated items from our wish list and organized by creative volunteers, the emergency pantry has become one of the most important lifeline services we offer to hundreds of young clients and their children everyday. Having food and supplies needs met are one of the first steps youth take to stabilize in a crisis, and these needs are even further exacerbated by natural disasters and pandemics. Please look at the list of needs below and make an appointment to drop items off at the Skill Center.


Hurricane Season is approaching! Each year RFL helps hundreds of young adults prepare evacuation plans, know their zones, gather emergency supplies, and weather the aftermath of storms. See our list of Emergency Needs below and help us get former foster youth Hurricane Ready!

Download Current Needs List

Updated 5/2/2024

Donated funds are allocated to Youth Support.

Please note: Ready for Life makes “Meal Kit” Bags and “Snack” Bags to help the former foster youth (and their children) make it through these difficult times. We distribute food to individuals and families, so we do not need bulk food items and very large sizes. Individual size items work better for this emergency food relief program. We have a wonderful partnership with a group called Santa’s Angels who provide us with hygiene items and diapers, wipes etc. for the Emergency Needs Pantry, so we do not need those items at this time.

All donation drop offs must be scheduled at our Skill Center by appointment only. Please do not leave packages outside our door as it is likely we will not get them. Contact or call (727) 954-3989 ext. 0 to schedule a drop-off. 


  • $20 Walmart or Publix Gift Cards (for meats & fresh foods we cannot stock)

  • $20 Gas Cards 

  • $20 Uber/Lyft Gift Cards


  • Canned Soup

  • Canned Ravioli

  • Canned Spaghetti O’s

  • Canned Chicken

  • Canned Tuna

  • Canned Ham

  • Canned Fruit/Fruit Cups


  • Clorox Wipes

  • Toilet Paper


  • Pasta

  • Pasta Sauce (Red and White)

  • Mac n’ Cheese

  • Velveeta Cheese

  • Peanut Butter


  • Boxes of Cereals (cheerios, frosted flakes, special k, and kid cereals please)

  • Oatmeal (individual or family size)


  • 1-2lbs Ground Beef packages (to freeze)

  • 1-2lbs Ground Turkey packages (to freeze)


  • Graham Crackers

  • Ritz Type Crackers

  • Cheese filled Crackers

  • Jerky/Slim Jims

  • Individual Snack Size Chips 

  • Individual Packs of Trail Mix or Nuts

  • Bags of Individually Wrapped Candy


  • Shelf Stable Milk

  • Juice Boxes

  • Bottled Water


  • If you’d like to support our emergency needs but don’t have the time, we are happy to do the shopping for you! To donate, please click here. Funds are designated to Youth Support.

Have other supplies or items (see below for items we do not accept) that you would like to donate to Ready for Life? Contact Michelle Walag, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, at to coordinate

and contact or call (727) 954-3989 ext. 0 to schedule a drop-off.

PLEASE NOTE: All donation drop offs must be scheduled as our Skill Center is by appointment only. Please do not leave packages outside our door as it is likely we will not get them. contact or call (727) 954-3989 ext. 0 to schedule a drop-off. 

At this time we are not able to take the following items: 

  • Furniture

  • Previously worn workout attire, night clothes, or under garments

  • Torn or stained items

  • Used bedding, towels, or other linens

  • Fresh produce or dairy (Unless it is specific to an upcoming meal planning class. See above for current lists.)

  • Used strollers, car seats, cribs, or baby swings

  • Toys or stuffed animals

  • Used luggage

  • Used clothing (Please note: We do take in some used clothing, however if the items are dated they are passed on through our “Giving Makes Cents” partnership with Goodwill. Goodwill gives RFL 10 cents per pound for used clothing. This fund allows us to send the young people we serve shopping for particular items they need. We have very limited storage and so the partnership serves a wonderful supportive purpose for RFL.)


If you are looking to re-home any of the items above, click here for a list of some of our local partners.  


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