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RFL provides mother-to-be support and stability

When Marissa first came to Ready for Life, she along with her boyfriend were experiencing homelessness. She came to Ready for Life to seek guidance with finding housing and living a healthy life, and with our help she secured stable housing. Soon after, she learned she was pregnant. She then sought additional help from RFL on becoming a parent. She started attending our Mommy & Me parenting support group, asking questions on parenting and gaining additional support to be the best mother she could be.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the RFL staff and our community partners, she received a bounty of baby items to help prepare for her little one's arrival home. And in August of 2023, Marissa delivered a healthy baby! Marissa has worked hard to develop her parenting skills and create a healthy family environment for her newborn. We are so proud of Marissa and her family and wish her the very best!

Learn more about our Mommy & Me group here and find out how you can get involved in changing former foster care youth lives at

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