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Mentor Spotlight: Dwight & Kelly

Well, here I was listening to Michelle telling us what to do and what to expect from the great race at Ready for Life. My husband and I volunteered to participate as they needed more drivers.

They were going over the packet of information and answering questions. All of a sudden there was lots of yelling and doors slamming. Swearing came next, loud voices and mean words. Next this young man came storming through the room. “I am not doing this”! “It is too hot to stand outside and I am not wearing this dumb t-shirt”.

The volunteers looked at each other. No one said it out loud but we all knew what we were thinking. “Please don’t let him end up on my team”. We made our way outside. He was right, it was hot! They called the names and the car they should go to. Yup! He was on my team. (My husband got a team of very determined young ladies...ready to win).

This young man continued his yelling and pouting, swearing and complaining. This is going to be a long day! He refused to be in the group picture and kept wandering off. I watched all this...yep a long day indeed.

I asked my other group members what the heck was up with him. “That is Dwight...he always acts like that”.

That was a while ago. We didn’t win. I think we came in last. That wasn’t the point. We all had a great day together. A week later I received a call from Ready for life. It was Michelle and she was asking for a favor. Sure! What can I do?

“That young man on your team”...she continues “he says he won’t have any other mentor unless it is you”. What!? Really!?

That was over two years ago. I have never looked back. Dwight is a great young man who has so many hopes and dreams. I look forward to spending time with him. He is funny and bright. He works hard and is planning on a future anyone of us would be proud to have. I am so lucky to be Dwight’s mentor. I hope we have a forever relationship. - KELLY TWISS

Did you know that Mentoring at Ready for Life takes as little as an hour a week? Mentoring can be done virtually or in person.

Want to learn more? Know someone who may be interested in becoming a RFL Mentor? Contact our Director of Community Relations and Mentoring Michelle Walag at or visit

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