Home for the holidays

Help bring the Holidays to RFL and let former foster care youth know they are not alone

Imagine TV, the Internet, storefronts, and everywhere you go continuously reminding you that you are very different, and adding to the feeling you have that you just don’t belong…


From November through January, most of us are very busy celebrating various holidays with our families. We enjoy special foods and feasts, deck our homes in beautiful decorations, partake in all kinds of family traditions, and give gifts to celebrate one another and show we care. Many former foster youth haven’t had any consistent experience with these traditions which often adds to the loneliness they feel and are constantly reminded of during the holidays.


That’s where we, YOU INCLUDED, come in…our Ready for Life Family Traditions help to create a whole new sense of belonging in the world for those we serve, and it’s easier to help than you might think!

3 Ways You Can Help

Put up a Wishlist Tree or Fulfill a Wishlist


Help us gather the gifts our youth and their little ones wish for most by putting up a Wishlist Tree at your organization and inviting people to fulfill a list(s). Or pick up a wish list at our office and make someone’s wish come true. (Average gift is $50)

Donate $10 Gift Cards for

Stocking Stuffers


Donate $10 gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and ride-share apps to give a little helpful treat!

Help us wrap gifts, set up, and hand out gifts to youth


Volunteer with us! It takes a LOT of arms to wrap around all these young people. We need volunteers to wrap gifts, stuff stockings, help set up for our holiday gatherings, and hand out gifts!

Please contact Michelle Walag at or (727) 954-3989 ext. 223 with any questions or for more information.