trauma informed care trainings

CALLING All Mentors, Staff, VOLUNTEERS, & Board Members

Thursday, November 7

Ready for Life, in partnership with Central Florida Behavioral Health Network and BayCare Health System, is pleased to offer Trauma Informed Care training to RFL Mentors, Staff, and Members of the Board. We hope the training will provide frames of reference for many of the challenges faced by the resilient young people we serve, and tools for those of us in direct contact to help them continue to overcome the extreme circumstances they’ve faced.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t make it to TIC 101, that does NOT exclude you from participating in 102, however please contact Michelle to get the information you may need to step into 102 understanding the launch pad we are leaping from. 


Thursday, November 7 | 6:00pm-8:00pm | @ RFL Skills Center

A review of the principles of trauma informed care, continuing with a deeper exploration of the long-term, neurobiological mechanisms and effects of trauma.  This training is an answer to the question, “Ok, we understand trauma theory, what next?” with a relational response.  The training also discusses how caregivers must have adequate self-care, and strategies for applying trauma informed approaches to the caregiver and self are suggested.

*Dinner will be provided

About the Instructor

Margo Fleisher, LMHC is the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network Program Manager and Trainer.  She provided direct mental health and substance abuse services for over 20 years, and held a Florida mental health counselor license since 1999.  Margo specializes in behavioral health management and training in areas such as adult mental health, adult substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, women’s services, evidence-based practices, and trauma informed care.  Her trauma informed and trauma focused experiences include facilitation of trauma-focused group therapy beginning in the mid-1990s, and participation as a lead in one of nine national, cross-site; Women, Co-Occurring Disorders and Violence Study sites with the Triad Women’s Project (University of South Florida and Tri-County Human Services, 1998-2004).  Margo also led or supported Trauma Informed Care Workgroups in Circuits 10, 6, and 13.

Central Florida Behavioral Health Network is the Managing Entity for behavioral health services funded by the Department of Children and Families, and BayCare Behavioral Health is one of CFBHN’s 88+ network providers in 14 counties across five circuits.  CFBHN strives to be a source of positive support to providers such as BayCare, and training and technical assistance is one way CFBHN strives to increase quality of life in the communities it serves.

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