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Mental Health Minute: Self-Care

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Now, with the extra challenges we are facing due to self-quarantining and social distancing it is especially important to remember to take good care of your mental health. Much like our dental and physical health, our mental health should not be neglected. As we continue to face social distancing and self-quarantining, we can become isolated from our support network and this can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. It is very important to remember to take good care of yourself so that these feelings do not become overwhelming. Self-care does not mean that you are selfish. It is a way to show that you care about those around you by investing time in yourself to stay emotionally healthy. When we are healthy, we function better and can help those around us.

Staying healthy includes eating well, exercising and getting adequate sleep. It’s important to try to maintain a schedule and incorporate some exercise into your day. Taking a walk in your neighborhood, riding a bike or jogging are good ways to get some exercise and fresh air which can help with lifting depression or decrease anxious feelings. Self-care also involves staying in touch with others which helps us feel connected to the world. Through our virtual Open Office Fridays and Virtual Mentor/Mentee events you can stay connected to Ready for Life until we can safely return to our normal office hours. Although we cannot see our friends or loved ones face to face we can reach out to them by phone, text messages, and through social