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At RFL, we believe ALL young adults are worthy of a successful future.

My name is Michael and I’m a former foster care youth. I’d like to think a lot of my accomplishments I have under my belt thus far up to this point are all possible due to me, but in reality it’s Ready for Life, and all the youth specialists, some past but most present are key to my success. While you cannot help someone who doesn’t want help, even through the worst of times this organization has always stood firm in the belief that the youth no matter the story or obstacle and or trauma is worth it.

I’ve been currently homeless for a few years and some nights the property itself was a bed. That’s such a key thing in that kind of struggle, because although it should’ve been a big NO can do, it was temporarily ignored and based on personality and hearts of the workers there, it’s a safe assumption to believe it was ignored intentionally. The level of understanding in the staff is uncharted, and many times [Ready for Life] saved me from myself, because many times I’ve come close to just no longer caring. Ready for Life is there each time to welcome me in the door with open arms, for a place to eat, and do laundry, and catch your breath.

Many may wonder if there's a catch, but the catch honestly is the youth. RFL teaches us that statistics are like the glass we always see half full, so if statistics have any worth then so do we, because the different programs and services offered at RFL are made to not only give youth the leg up we all need at some point, but they are also there to put us in a position to succeed, and that’s big.

Ready for Life is my backbone. I'll never forget the love they have shown me, how pure it is, and how cool it is to be seen as precious cargo and worthy of helping. In a day and age when all anyone is thinking about is themselves, I encourage future youth to please walk through every door RFL can open for you and know it is worth it in every aspect, because it’s a place run by people who care for youth. It’s unchanging in its ethics and I believe its mark will be left on the world through youth like me, and whoever is following a similar path.

-Michael Weston, 24

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