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Mentor Spotlight: SaQuan and Millie

Talk about some good fortune. Seven years ago I found out about RFL when my wife went to a meeting and heard speakers talk about their work. She told me about it, I talked with Kathy Mize and hoped my efforts with them would be productive however knew I would enjoy the experience. Having spent 12 years in education, teaching and coaching, I felt I had some experience in mentoring. The results exceeded my wildest expectations.

I met some wonderful, inspiring young people. Hearing their stories, I couldn’t help but wonder where I would be right now had I been met with their challenges. When the Ready for Work pilot program began, I was paired up with SaQuan. He is a young, eager, intelligent, curious, personable, and motivated young man. I could tell he wanted to take charge of his life. We tackled the Ready for Work program with enthusiasm and his talk at the conclusion of the program convinced me he was creating a path of success for himself.