Here at Ready for Life, we work to connect our youth.  We connect them to resources, to each other, to mentors and to their future.  It is these connections that help build stability and provide a base on which they can grow.  Our resources provide our youth with a valuable source of aid and support available to be drawn upon at anytime when needed.  Feel free to explore the various topics below.  If we are not able to provide you with the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact us personally by email or phone (look for sources on our contact page).


The RFL Skill Center is located directly on the main PSTA bus line to make it easy for you to get here. We also have assistance programs for a free bus pass for a year and help getting your license.

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Whether you are searching for personal guidance or helpful links, we are here to help you pursue the next step in finishing your level of education.



Monthly meeting of young adult leaders (age 14-29) who have the lived experience of overcoming social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges, ready to take action and raise awareness about the issues they face and coordinate efforts to make a difference in the local community.


Find the help you need in understanding dental health and how to obtain dental services, including services through Ready for Life's Dr. David Zabrocki Memorial Dental Program.



Looking for a new place to live?  We can help you find which living arrangement is right for you and how to go about finding the right place.  Or get tips for housing life skills and assistance programs.


Providing you with a range of employment assistance consisting of; setting up your resume, writing a thank you letter, web sources that help you find a job, and how-to articles.


Find the help you need in understanding the healthcare system, finding healthcare locations, sexual health, substance abuse, mental health, and support groups.



Helping you find where to go for legal advice and assistance, know your legal rights and responsibilities, and various tips on safety situations.


Providing you with a range of places where you can find stocks of food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, free of charge.

Here to Assist You