Art Therapy: Mandalas


One 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of white paper with a circle traced on it


Various colored pencils


Fold your paper in half width-wise.

Fold your paper again from side to side. Your paper should now look like a book.

Open your paper. Your paper will now have four sections in it. Draw a small circle, square, or triangle shape in the center of your paper.

Start to fill in the paper from the center working your way outwards with circles, squares, triangles or any other shapes you would like.

Each time you add a shape to one part of the mandala you must also add the same shape to all the corresponding parts of the mandala in each of the four parts of your paper.

Once you have filled the mandala circle with shapes you can now work on coloring your mandala.

I hope you experience relaxation and mindfulness while creating your own unique mandala. Be creative and enjoy!!

Ms. Cecelia