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It is said that “a smile is contagious,” a visible expression of how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world. Giving “healthy” smiles was not only Dr. David Zabrocki’s profession, it was his passion. 

Dr. Zabrocki is remembered with a smile through the establishment of this very special program that not only honors his commitment to helping others but also continues his legacy. The Dr. David Zabrocki Memorial Dental Program, in partnership with Ready for Life, provides dental care to young adults who have aged out of foster care receiving little or no dental care their entire lives.

To donate to this special program, click here and choose "Dental Program" from the Event/Program drop-down list. 


About Dr. David Zabrocki

Dr. David Zabrocki was born in Freeport, IL on August 2, 1946. He moved to Florida with his parents when he was 4 years old, living in Treasure Island, Florida his entire young life. He went to Boga Ciega High School and then to St. Petersburg Junior College, where he received his Associate Degree. He was then accepted into the University of Florida and after only three years of undergrad, he was accepted to Northwestern University, School of Dentistry in Chicago. He married in 1970 and graduated from Northwestern in 1971.


Dr. Zabrocki traveled extensively in Europe the summer after graduation. In September of 1971, he went into the United States Air Force as a Captain practicing dentistry. He spent six months temporary duty on Guam taking care of the B52 pilots serving in Vietnam.  

After leaving the Air Force, Dr. Zabrocki opened his dental practice on West Bay Drive in Largo, Florida and eventually he moved his practice to East Bay Drive into a building that he designed and built himself. In 1976, he became a father to his precious daughter Katie Lindsey and in 1980 he was blessed with a son, Michael David.


Dr. Zabrocki's practice was well-known and respected throughout the community and also within the dental community. His passion was dentistry and it truly showed through his highly revered practice and the way he cared for his patients. He continued to practice until he retired in 2012, then spending his remaining years with his wife, children, and five precious grandchildren. Traveling the country in his RV was one of the highlights of his life after retirement and he was also an avid scuba diver.

Dr. Zabrocki's good friends, with the support of his family, established the Dr. David Zabrocki Memorial Dental Program to continue his loving and caring legacy and to honor his passion for helping others. 

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